Anonymous asked: one of the kids at the dance sees Jasmine smooch Brian and yells "YEAH GET IT JASMINE" and embarasses them

YEP-can’t have a dance without a yeller

what u don’t know in that post is that Louis and Forest (?) are up in the rafters coordinating the whole thing like evil romance spies

It’s that part of the night where I jack scenes from teen wolf and shove my otp into them yeeeeehhh

Context: chaperoning a dance for the mutant kiddies

Secret to stressful phone calls; draw sleepy girlfriends

Anonymous asked: Would Brian, Jasmine, or Louis be likely to end up suddenly deciding that skeletons are hilarious?

oh Louis definitely, hes weird like that

mutemutie asked: Stay away from my future wife you Satan herpe.

lol fight me nerd

Anonymous asked: What happened to Jasmine?!

She’s fine! Just had her conscious and personality disconnected from her body so she no longer has thoughts or feelings and only lives to function as an organism so by spiritual means she’s dead.

She’ll be okay!

Anonymous asked: Did Brian watch VeggieTales when he was a small elf child? Did DVDs and VHS tapes of talking, poorly-animated produce teach him heavily edited bible stories? Does his love of The Aquabats stem from fond childhood memories of Silly Songs With Larry?

WHOA now theres a question I don’t know! I honestly have no idea. It would be so cute if he did! Veggie Tales was awesome!

Why don’t you go ask him? I can’t just ask his mun, shes sleepin but im curious

Anonymous asked: no i wasn't talking about a bobblehead jesus, i meant combining a dashboard hula girl and a jesus action figure (because it's close to the same size as the hula girl things) and making a hula jesus. also jesus action figures exist that are about the same size as superhero action figures. jesus bandaids also exist. it's 2:20 am and i need to sleep.


Anonymous asked: Would Brian or Kurt be more likely to have a hula jesus on the dashboard of their car? (it's a dashboard hula girl but the top is removed and replaced with the top half of a jesus action figure, also yes jesus action figures exist)

o  m g i knOW WHAT  a jesus bobble head is u dork, ive been to a gas station

im pretty sure neither of them would own that like-hes kurts kid have you HEARd what kurt has said, he was a priest once at one point i highly doubt they would own one???

they woudlnt get pissy over someone else having one but i think for either of them to have one would be…weird?