Things I drew I think when I was sick, I don’t even know what these are, but they help solidify Amalias character o3o

In-progress concepts of Jasmines maternal grandfather, Ulrich Hoch who doesn’t have enough face space to fit two working eyes on him.

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Testing out new markers and getting back into the habit of drawing after being royally sick this week. All with the use of Dipper gifs.

Only Dipper can match Brian’s thurst

*35 yr old Brian laughing in the distance*

Anonymous asked: How would Jasmine react to Five Nights at Freddie's, and would she try to get other people to play it? Also, if Brian played it, how long would he be afraid of dark hallways afterward?

i had to look up what five nights at freddies is and im so glad i finally understand what this is

Jasmine is the kind of person that gets more scared from psychological suggestion than like, reaction fear-like fight or flight or jump scares. She does jump from things like golden freddie screaming in your face and Foxy peeping in, but she isnt BLINDED with terror. And she would get other people to play it definitely Brian as she would love the concept of the game, she would love it.

As for Brian and Louis well


Ok this is the first time I’ve ever drawn jasmine and been like “yes, yes, that is what she is supposed to look like”

the guys having a mid life crisis at like 35, slow down buddy

poor Clyde has so many issues and he gets zero love from me im srry u bug dork

kay this was supposed to be a Sinx-centered post but Brian and Jasmine got in there gET OUT

In the Fallout: New Vegas AU, things like Tulpas and telekinetic women can’t exist, the most mutant thing you get are the super mutants, some plant people. The rest are physical defects, so all the brain babies became dogs!

Rabbia being a Doberman and Fear a greyhound-Rabbi’s fur around his muzzle and feet are stained red from all the hunting he does for himself and his mistress. His ears just happen to be red i dunno