I’m in this weird mood where I’m like, apathetically angry. I have theories as to why but as to how to get rid of it, I’m at a loss.

I haven’t done comics in a wile with proper panels so this was more or less practice, but the content was completely inspired by this song.

resurrecting an old OC i made 3 years ago and tried to add substance to him. so far hes a hispanic space cop who likes to wear dresses cause they’re easy to wear and dont confine him.
uuhh thats all i got :/

resurrecting an old OC i made 3 years ago and tried to add substance to him. so far hes a hispanic space cop who likes to wear dresses cause they’re easy to wear and dont confine him.

uuhh thats all i got :/

Anonymous asked: Really though how did Logan not notice Kurt wasn't wearing a coat IN A SNOWSTORM?? Wasn't he supposed to be in charge during that training exercise? Did he just not care? Also, did Kitty have a talk with Kurt along the lines of "That was very nice of you bit if you ever do that again I will find what you love most and flush it down a toilet?" (also if she tried to have that talk while he was still very sick he'd probably be like "noooo don't flush yourself down a toilet that's where poo goes")

Its Logan of course he didnt care he knew Kurt wouldnt die from a simple cold better for him to catch the cold and learn to not try playing romeo in alaska you know Logan had extras or wouldve given kitty his own jacket hes fuckin nearly invincible cmon kurt

i never got around to drawing the part 2 to that but thats basically what she says to him when hes semi-sleeping in bed like u sweet but stupid and kurts like “i like bananas too”

Anonymous asked: So Brian has also had a very high fever that made the girl he likes worry about him. Like father, like son, although I'm assuming Brian didn't get sick from TAKING HIS COAT OFF IN A SNOWSTORM LIKE A DUMB WEINER.


its like a nasty flu or somethin he got from some sweaty kid at the grocery store or whatever and then he passes it on to EVERYONE accept marty cause he has the gift of not being able to get sick. and to be fair Jasmine fawns over anyone whos like, DYING sick and he passed it on to her first so she got to barf all over everything too thats true love right there.

but i bet you brian would take off his jacket for her in the BLISTERING COLD like an IDIOT that seems to be in the Wagner genes

how do i never get tired of drawing the same fluff about the same people, smh

Anonymous asked: i remember being a kid and having such a high fever that my mom took all the blankets off my bed except for a sheet and I was really mad at her because i was absolutely sure that i was freezing cold but actually i was way too warm.

thats how fevers work yeeup

Anonymous asked: i have a question about the "did he shrink" comment: does Brian make himself look taller as well as making his hair spiky? also, why does he do thst to his hair? is he channeling The Animes? did Wolverine give him a talk about the importance of ridiculous anime hair?

Brian is actually naturally taller than his father as Meggan is his mother and its canon that shes pretty darn tall, shes much taller than Kitty and Kurt naturally slumps forward so hes kinda shorter than everyone (‘cept Wolverbutt HUHEUHUEHEH)

However he can slightly adjust his body like height and hair and dick size complexion so no he doesn’t really tamper with his height unless he really wants to (he and Jasmine are the same height) but his hair he actively keeps spikey cause he got picked on for his crazy pube hair when he was little. Spiky just looked less dorky I guess? Even though he looks so fucking cute with the curls its unfair He only shrunk down cause he feels really shitty, he has a 102.4 fever in those doodles he is far from well, and hes freezing.

bonus blurb :/ :

I learned recently that Brian retains his “birth hair” when hes sick or just doesn’t have enough concentration to maintain his spikey saiyan hair which prompted a sLEW of drawings like loOK AT HIM HES SO CUTE he Liek a sickly rabbit